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Restaurant Owners:  Digital Restaurant Application Management System (DReAMS)


For restaurateurs, we understand that one of your biggest challenges is to get new customers into the restaurant.  Effort and time, and plenty of hard-earned money, are spent on direct mailing, discount coupons, and so forth.  

Along those lines, we also know that getting existing customers to come back again and again is what restaurateurs dream of.  Gift certificates are offered to the dependable client, who can then bring in friends and essentially perform viral marketing.

Neither of these methods is bad; just not sound business practices when compared to the alternative.  Instead of making a significant investment to bring new visitors to your restaurant that may never return, or spend money to cater to repeat customers, spend far less to build a digital referral, payment, reservation, marketing, and menu system.  That's what our flagship Digital Restaurant Application Management System (DReAMS) can do for you.

At Eappetit, we do this for restaurateurs at a great price – free for our Basic service!  But if you opt for our Premium service, you’ll get a lot more benefits!  

Click on this link and learn how you can enjoy a brand new way to find what you eat:   Eappetit's Restaurant Video.


Eappetit brings foodies and restaurateurs together.  Once foodies taste and love your cuisine, they will get the word out and come back for more!

If you find your restaurant already in our system, please contact us at or call (408) 586-8407 EXT 600 for instructions.

Membership Features

Restaurants will improve operational efficiency through Basic and Premium features.


Our basic services and features are FREE and include:

Restaurant Webpage

  • You control what you want -- upload contents including pictures, marketing messages, general restaurant information, menus, promotions, specials, advertising, etc.

  •  PDF menu


  • Priority Search Listing (over non-members)

  • Recommendation by selection (type, location, rating, specific dish*, etc.) *with Digital Menu

  • Restaurant rating – qualified and reliable reviews and feedback

Premium (Basic Plus)

Along with our Basic services, Eappetit offers the following premium features at very competitive rates:

Digital Menu

  • Electronic menu with description, pictures and reviews

  • Contents can be translated into different languages 

  • Flexibility to manage and change menu


  • Receive online reservations via our website or mobile app

  • Confirmation via email and/or text

  • Manage reservations through your Dashboard

Online Ordering (To-Go, Order Ahead, Delivery)

  • Accept online orders, including special requests, making a seamless alternative to phone issues

  • Order confirmation and status notification by service provider

  • Payment processing with existing payment option based on account set-up   

  • All online orders are pre-paid

  • Sales amounts directly deposited from credit card processor to your account

  • Dine-in orders and payment will be available in the future

Promotions and Marketing

  • Conduct market surveys (reward with EAPPoints)

  • Target Marketing – promotions, specials, discounts

  • Discounts/Purchase using EAPPoints

Restaurant Management Tools

  • Confidential feedback to restaurant management (reviews and experience input)

  • Evaluate business analytics through your Dashboard

  • Additional management tools will be introduced such as member check-in, digital signage, and link to POS

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