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We have a vision: to make your breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner enjoyable as well as exquisite. Usually said and repeated before your meal, “Bon Appétit” means “enjoy your meal” so we’ll help you get there. And this is what you can expect to experience with Eappetit:

  1. Discover new places to dine through our website and app.
  2. Learn some interesting facts about food, restaurants and people.
  3. Conveniently pay for your meal through the app.
  4. Interact (directly or indirectly) by posting tweets that show through signage.
  5. Enjoy free meals!
  6. Get the most out of your buck.

Go ahead and tell your friends about us; after all, couldn’t you “bon appétit” right about now? Click on this link and learn how you can enjoy a brand new way to find what you eat:


By signing up, Foodies (Food Lovers) benefit from Eappetit in a number of ways:

  1. Earn points just by signing up, reviewing a restaurant, introducing a friend, or making a transaction!
  2. Enjoy the convenience of searching for a restaurant, making a reservation, submitting a review, and executing an online order!
  3. Discover more eating places and enjoy better foods!
  4. Learn more facts about food!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today by clicking the "Sign Up" button at the top of this page!

Membership Features

The Eappetit application contains a complete set of consumer tools which afford the user access to search options, reviews, reservations, electronic menu, ordering, and payment.


Our search engine is the most sophisticated tool for finding the perfect meal. We have thousands of restaurants to choose from, and you can discover them by the following methods:

  • Location and/or category
  • Specific dish (for restaurants within our membership network)
  • Menu (for restaurants within our membership network)

Online Reservation

  • Make a reservation through our app or website
  • Check-in utilizing the Eappetit application
  • Restaurant ratings and reviews to help you decide

Online Ordering

  • For both take-out and delivery from a complete listing of local restaurants
  • Plenty of menus to choose from an extensive variety of food
  • Notification of order when it's ready
  • Payment


Our review system is authenticated for maximum accuracy. That means we have confirmed that the reviewer was actually at the restaurant and paid for a meal (fake or fraudulent reviews are thrown out). Consequently, you'll know that a review through Eappetit is current, qualified and reliable. And of course, our members who submit a review watch their EAPPoints accumulate!

EAPPoints Loyalty Program

Don’t you wish you could just eat for free sometimes, based on points you've earned instead of obsolete paper coupons that may or may not work? That’s where our loyalty program – EAPPoints – comes in. It’s a simple, tiered program designed to maximize benefits for both consumers and restaurants. No more fumbling, no more embarrassing coupons, no more confusion. Reward yourself and take advantage of the new way to pay! Here’s a step-by-step process of how it works:

Step 1

Register for an Eappetit account
Sign up for an Eappetit account to get started. You'll receive 250 points just for doing so! All qualifying purchases made with your account will earn rewards points that you can spend on future meals!*
*Your points accumulate upon signup, but actual usage (discounts) at participating restaurants will begin when the program is officially launched.

Step 2

Start eating & earning
Simply eat at an Eappetit participating restaurant and you'll receive $1 in rewards for every $100 spent -- that's 1% back!

Step 3

Review your purchases, introduce a friend, or make an order/payment through Eappetit and earn even more rewards
Let your fellow foodies know your thoughts about the meals you’ve eaten and earn points in rewards for each approved review. Simply Login, navigate to your purchase and fill out our simple review form. Once we have approved the submission, you'll see your rewards points in your account! You can also sign-up a friend or make a transaction through Eappetit to earn. As the program expands, we'll create even more ways to score!

Step 4

Start earning now and a detailed program will be coming soon within our restaurant network
EAPPoints will function just like cash -- each 100 reward points = $1 and can be used at any participating restaurant.

Step 5

Manage Your Rewards

Once you setup your account, watch your points accumulate!
You can Monitor Pending Rewards and Check Balance!

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