Placing Orders

How much does it cost to use for User services?
Our service is completely FREE of charge for any registered user. You simply login, create your account, order and pay the restaurant's usual takeout or delivery prices.  Eappetit does not charge any additional fees.

Why should I use compared to ordering over the telephone?
Online ordering provides several advantages over telephone based ordering. For example, you will not receive a busy signal, you will not be put on hold, and your order will be submitted to the restaurant in printed format to avoid miscommunication. When your order is ready, the restaurant will also send you a text notification. also has additional features such as creating your personal profile -- so you only need to enter your delivery instructions once and you can have them automatically available for future orders.

How do I place an online order?
First, select a city from the search bar on the home page or download and launch our app.
Simply search for whatever you feel like eating and we’ll locate the best delivery and takeout restaurants near you.  You can browse our qualified ratings and reviews, or just choose whatever sounds good.  If online ordering is available at the restaurant you desire, select the restaurant and review their menu.  Click on what you want to eat or drink, then launch the Checkout feature.

Do I need to provide a credit card or debit card number in order to place an order?
Yes.   All orders are prepaid and require credit/debit card payment.

How do I know that my order has gone through to the restaurant?
Once you submit your order and finalize the checkout process, our system will notify you that your order has been sent to the restaurant. You will then receive an email confirmation with your order details and a message that the restaurant has confirmed your order. If you have any questions or concerns you may also contact the restaurant directly.

How do I change or cancel my order which I have already submitted?
If you would like to cancel or change your order, simply call the restaurant at the telephone number which is available in their listing and also available in your confirmation email. Cancellation and changes may be possible if the order has not been completed by the restaurant.

Can I order from without having to register?
No, the user must be a member.  As an advantage, you’ll automatically be registered for our EAPPoints Program.

EAPPoints Program

What are EAPPoints?
EAPPoints are a new way to pay for meals.  More specifically, it’s a loyalty program offered to the members (diners) of Eappetit as a way to reward and thank them for patronizing our business and partners.   EAPPoints are awarded for various member activities using Eappetit services, including signing-up, submitting verified reviews, introducing a friend, and performing a transaction (payment/order) through Eappetit.  Members of EAPPoints are able to earn and accumulate points that can be redeemed for meals at participating Eappetit restaurants.  Unfortunately, not all restaurants have the ability to honor EAPPoints at this time.

When can I use EAPPoints?
Upon official notification from Eappetit, the program will be launched and available to Users (foodies).  In the meantime, you can start accumulating points immediately for future use!

Can these points be used to purchase anything besides food?
Once the program is launched, you’ll only be able to use EAPPoints to pay for food.  However, we are creating a loyalty point exchange program where consumers can exchange to or from EAPPoints to other reward points.

Making Reservations

How do I make my reservation?
First, select a city from thesearch bar on the home page or download and launch our app.
1.  From the search list that is populated, select a member restaurant with Reservation feature.
2.  Complete all required fields* and submit.
     *Submitted mobile phone number must be able to receive texts.
3.  You will receive a text confirmation for your reservation.
4.  Restaurant may call you if your reservation request needs to be modified.
Your reservation is now complete! The restaurant will instantly receive your reservation information and a confirmation will be sent to you via text.This confirmation also allows you to export the reservation to your calendar and/or share reservation details with your guests. Any modifications or cancellations must be performed directly with the restaurant.

How do I view, change, or cancel my reservation?
Once you have logged in, you’ll see a symbol of a calendar sheet next to your name in the top right corner with your upcoming reservations (if any).  At this time, you must contact the restaurant directly to cancel or change your reservation.   In an upcoming release, we’ll have an advanced reservation feature that will allow you to make these changes within the system. 
You may also share reservation details with guests, or add them to your calendar by clicking the respective links.

Customer Accounts

I forgot my password; how can I reset it?
Please feel free to request a reset of your password in the login page of our website. If you are having other troubles, you may reach us at

How do I unlock my account?
Simply contact our Customer Service at 408-586-8407or  We are ready to assist!

Restaurant Relations

I am a restaurant and interested in advertising with Eappetit; how do I do that?
Eappetit is a terrific vehicle for advertising and promoting your restaurant.  We have several advertising models that have been developed to bring you the greatest return (Display advertising, Text advertising, Affiliate advertising, etc.).

For further information, please contact us at or 408-586-8407.

Investor Relations

If I am interested in investing in Eappetit, what more can you tell me?
Eappetit offers digital restaurant application tools for consumers and restaurants to be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers.  Our mission is to transform the restaurant industry from its common analog state to one of digital superiority.

If you’re seriously interested in being a part of this technical advantage and transformative mission in the restaurant/diner industry, please contact us at or 408-586-8407.

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